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Love Hurts

I could see the tension building. It was in the way his shoulders bunched up around his ears. It was the heavy sigh and squinty look after the kids ran through the room. It was in the off-hand comments he made about having a particularly challenging day at work. The overwhelming sense ...

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Church vs Girl Scouts

There’s a lot of hype in the news right now concerning the Catholic Church and the Girls Scouts. Yes it’s cynical, but just let me point out that it is an election year. Having said that, the strife between the Catholic Church and Girl Scouts isn’t new. The church’s stance is that contraception of any ...

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Infidelity in America

There is a fundamental difference in the way Europeans and Americans view infidelity in a relationship. Although having an affair isn’t a good thing, Europeans have a more laissez-faire attitude toward it. Part of that stems from having sex education from the time they are four and part of it comes from the fact they ...

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